Discover the Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Have you ever wished you could turn back in time and live in Ancient Egypt? Or walk through the tombs of pharoahs and burn your eyes with treasures beyond your wildest imagination?!

"Yeah, in your dreams, pal!"

But this shouldn't be you. The mystery of this great civilization continues to fascinate men through the Ages! In every book written for them, you can see the power behind their legacy. However, you have another problem.

"How do I find a good resource about them?"

If you browsed through the library, get ready for a big surprise. 3000 years of history can drive you nuts! Reading through pile of books will make you wonder if it is worth your time.


If you think the same way as I do, then don't worry. Journey to Ancient Egypt contains information for almost everything about them. Here's what you get:

  • Hands-on exercise on mummifying a body the Egyptian way. (Not quite...)

  • Draw out the blueprints of the Great Pyramids of Giza. (Drawing Board needed...)

  • Scribble the list of famous Gods and Goddesses in their religion. (Font must be Hieroglyphs...)

  • Study their technology with first class equipment. (Errr, whatever!)

And many more...!

Let's have fun while learning! Whether your a teacher, a student, or just an egyptian fanatic, this site is lively enough that the mummies will wrap itself!

Free yourself from boredom! Everything that you need here!