The Rights of Egyptian Women in the Ancient Egyptian Society

The Egyptian women enjoy different rights and freedom that only other women in the ancient times dream of. Let's hear the story and their role in the society of Egypt!

Rights of the Egyptian Women

In ancient Egypt, women are considered equal to men in the society. In Greece or in other countries, the society considered them as belongings. On the other hand, the ancient Egyptian women boast a variety of rights comparable to men. They can own land, sign legal contracts, take control of the household, bring legal action to any person and much more. Opportunities clearly is within reach for these women.

Role of the Egyptian Women at the House

Believe it or not, men do not meddle on the household matters. Women take control over these chores. In palaces or in rich families, the ladies usually go to decide on what food and tasks given to the servants around the house.

The Work Opportunities for Women in Ancient Egypt

Women have lots of jobs opportunities in ancient Egypt. In their past time, they usually sell on market places and serve as household servants in the rich and elite. Believe it or not, wet nursing and midwifes exists on ancient times! Women breast feeds the young of other families and they get handsome rewards for their work.

For ambitious women, work provided by their bosses can include administrative tasks such as treasury and the head of the servants. If they want to, they can also join priesthood even though married! The ancient Egyptian women can also have bizarre careers such as professional mourners! Seems to me that it is hard to earn in the ancient times up to the modern times!

Marrying and Divorce

The moment couples lived together under one roof; the Egyptian community considers them as married! Although no legal document holds them together, they live as husband and wife if they want to! Unlike in Chinese traditions were arranged marriages are common, ancient Egyptians follow their heart's content much like in fairy tale stories. :)

If marrying for them seemed informal, divorcing is also informal. With no legal document binding them together, they can divorce men anytime they want to. They can still remarry though, hoping for a better and happy life!

The Power of Royal Women

The royal women where nowhere near the status of ordinary women. The two titles that are prominent for royal women are 'The King's Great Wife' and 'The King's Mother'. Much like the wives of the pharaoh, the Great Wife also bears sons for him except that they prioritize them as the next pharaohs. Adding to the prestige, the Great Wife can act as a substitute for pharaohs!

Although powerful, royalties manipulate women politically for gaining power in ancient Egypt. They marry royal women, even though they are blood related, just for the sake of running the line of the next pharaohs within their family. This incestuous relationship, although not present on ordinary families, are just normal for Egyptian royalties. Obviously, pharaohs considered as gods must keep their line of kingship in ancient Egypt.

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