Innovating the Egyptians through the Ancient Egyptian Inventions

Before I-Pods or TVs even existed, the ancient Egyptian inventions started to kick off since the dawn of civilizations. Unlike those of our modern gadgets which serve for entertainment, these ancient gadgets fulfilled a role in molding the innovations and legacy of Egypt. If you take granted these simple inventions, then think again. Read on and you might change your opinion about this!

Let's start off with the good ol' invention of paper. Today, just go to the school supply store and buy paper with no sweat. Or, if you are an office worker, print off your documents with one click of the mouse! With computers in our hands, we can simply record our activities in simple word processor software.

Now, let's rewind to the past.

Solve Problems through the Ancient Egyptian Inventions

The only medium for recording the activities of the Egyptian civilization is through stone carvings, much like the Stone Age people. However, it's very frustrating to just write off simple things in the stone wall and later find your errors! After much trial and error on finding alternatives, the invention of papyrus paper fits the job perfectly.

From the time paper evolved in ancient Egypt, other inventions took place. One of them is the development of Hieroglyphics. Eventually, through their writings, mythologies become the core of their religion.

Ultimately, the engineering abilities of the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids and temples that achieve the purpose of their religion and beliefs. But before then, they invented the sails, the inerasable dye, mummification, medicine and the list goes on!

You see, these inventions started from their ordinary needs. While improving their everyday life, the Egyptians achieved an undying legacy to mankind. From recording their daily activities to their belief in religion, they achieved much more than your typical ancient people dream of!

So the next time you complain about your broken computer or your digital watch, think again. The ancient Egyptian inventions started the revolution of change in the ancient times. Who knows? Maybe our great great great great great great great great.... great great grand children will marvel at our own lives that we take granted for!

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