Discover the Egyptian food indulged by the Ancients!

Time to indulge ourselves with ancient Egyptian food! Everyone certainly likes to taste what the ancients have to offer in their menu. From preparing breakfast to dinner, let's try to picture out how they made these tasty Egyptian foods for our watering mouths!

Egyptian Spices

Egyptian spices sold at the market

Enjoying Food in Ancient Egypt

The staple food of Egyptians are bread, dried fish, and with condiments of vegetables such as onions and leeks. For a typical Egyptian diet, meats rarely show up in the menu. Of course, instead of allotting budget for an expensive food, they pass up on it and prioritize on other foods.

Luckily for the rich, they could afford these kinds of Egyptian foods on their daily diet. The only time most commoners enjoy roasted meat are during festivals and giving off wage bonuses!

With this, you can see their faces with smiles reaching their ears. They waited for so many days abstaining for meat and in one sitting, they feast on it!

The Tooth-Crushing Bread

Bread comes to the list of one of the all time favorites of Egyptians. As one of their treasured Egyptian foods, bread acts as signs of hospitality and generosity. Giving bread to others means plus bonuses in the judgment in Afterlife!

For exciting bread, Egyptians add honey to flavor them. Cakes on those days contain fruits such as dates and berries representing as ancient fruit cakes!

To make bread, one has to grind grain in a grindstone. With this method, it can take hours to finish making flour. Adding sand makes the process more efficient and easy to the back.

With sand in their breads, instead of brain freeze, they suffer from teeth abrasion. Whether rich or poor, everyone suffered the same fate of having to look like a toothless baby!

Enjoying Fishes and Meat

Rich and nobles see fish as unclean. Although they don't eat fishes, much of the Egyptian population eats fishes such as catfish, carps and eels. In addition to that, they use fish roe as preservatives.

Having meat on your table everyday defines your wealth. The poor only indulges on meat when they receive their bonus wages as form of cattle and donkeys. During festivals, these livestock were slaughtered and roasted for a sumptuous meal. Just imagine the smell of the streets while everyone cooks their grub!

Ancient Salads and Desserts

As a farming civilization, you never have to look far away to see edible vegetation in their gardens. To maintain freshness, Egyptians consume these vegetables and fruits quickly after taking them.

Alternatively, Egyptians preserve the fruits under the sun. With a dry climate like in ancient Egypt, food recipes for future consumption must be available during hard times.

Onions and garlic have long shelf life. They have preserving properties that gives added taste to the foods. Here in the Philippines, everyone loves to sauté meat in onions and garlic. Anyway, ancient Egyptians enjoyed most of these foods before we even have a chance to gobble them!

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